Currently, the page title (either the name of the page or the title specified with [[!meta title="..."]]) shows up in a <div class="header">. I tend to follow the w3c guideline recommending the use of h1 for the title; for this purpose, how about an option to make the page title an <h1 class="header">, and shift the markdown headings down by one (making # an h2, ## an h3, etc; or alternatively making # equivalent to [[!meta title="..."]])?

The reason I don't use a h1 for the navbar is that while it incorporates the page title, it's not just a page title, it has the links to parent pages. I also don't want to get in the business of munging up markdown's semantics. This way, # is reserved for h1 if you choose to use headers in your page. --Joey


For anyone interested, I've written a small plugin called h1title that does the latter, making # (only when on the first line) set the page title, removing it from the page body. --JasonBlevins, October 22, 2008