I think that Print link to open popup window with printable HTML version of page is very useful thing, so I would like to have it in my ikiwiki :)

Probably it's better to generate a page on the fly as a CGI (just the same like for RecentChanges page) when a user really needs it, instead to build static printable version for all ikiwiki pages. --Paweł

I've always considered print links to be a sign of a badly designed web site that looks ugly in a printer because it's ugly anywhere, so I may take some convinving. :-) Ikiwiki pages seem like they'd print out ok as-is to me.

ikiwiki home pages are plain and clean, but please note that some ikiwiki users can have their wiki with banners and navbars and a lot of graphics.

(I also often click on print links, just to get a web page that I can read, especially often hoping that it will have the whole article on it, instead of the 99 tiny pagelets nasty websites like to split things into. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the web?)

I always print all interested articles for me, because I hate reading them from a display monitor. It's too painful for my eyes. And I want to print only article body without all wrappers, because I don't need them.

One option, if your stylesheet contained something that was unpalatable in printing, would be to define an alternate stylesheet optimised for printing, and somehow switch the browser to use that stylesheet when printing a page (it can be switched from a menu in the UI of some browsers, but I'm not sure what a good way would be to switch the stylesheet on the fly without re-rendering the page..)


Maybe you could add print.css file for printable version? We just have local.css file for a local styling. --Paweł

Sure, very doable, but the UI to switch to it when printing, I don't know..

Is the IU to switch is really necessary? Why don't use only style.css and print.css files in header of printable version of page? The second file can be equivalent of local.css file and it can overwrite default CSS styles.

BTW, I'm sure that the Print link as originally requested could be written as a plugin fairly simply. --Joey

I'm not a Perl expert, but I can take a look at code of other ikiwiki plugins.

BTW, I also was thinkig about plugin to CVS support, but unfortunately I don't have too much free time. --Paweł

You don't need a stylesheet-switching UI or a printer-friendly version; just link to a stylesheet with media="print". --JoshTriplett

Example? --Joey

I used meta to add a media="print" stylesheet to the sandbox. In print or print preview (on browsers supporting data URIs), you should no longer see the search form. --JoshTriplett

(And I broke it, since it was a security hole ;-). So it looks like media=print can be used inside a style sheet, so the thing to do would be to edit style.css to automatically disable parts not wanted when printing. That would rock. --Joey

Yay! I've modified the stylesheet and this is done. --Joey