Thanks for coming up with a patch.. Let me make sure I understand its rationalle.

The meta plugin already allows modifying the page creation time, which is what the calendar plugin uses.

So, it seems to me that the use of this patch is for recording events in the future. You'd not want a page for a future event to claim it was created in the future. I suppose you could also use it for events in the past, if you didn't want to change the creation time for some reason. (Perhaps you're doing a calendar of historical events, for example.)

Accurate? --Joey

Thanks for the feedback. Thinking about what you said ... I suspect my patch doesn't belong in the calendar plugin, which does a very specific thing (create a calendar to show when blog posts were created). I'm really angling toward an event calendar (as mentioned on plugin). I'd like to preserve the page creation time - which is useful and important information in its own right - and be able to generate a calendar with links to particular posts that will show up on the calendar based on an arbitrary date. Perhaps this should be re-considered as a separate plugin? --Jamie

I think it makes sense to have only one calendar, if possible. I think your event stuff is fine, the only thing we might want to add is a config option for the calendar, to control whether it looks at the event date, or the creation date. --Joey

Ok - I can work on that. One question - the existing calendar module has it's own functions for building an html display of a calendar. HTML::CalendarMonth seems to provide that functionality. My instincts are to rip out the code in the calendar plugin and use the existing module. On the other hand, that creates added dependencies. Suggestions anyone? --Jamie

I'm all for ripping code out of ikiwiki where CPAN can be used, as long as the resulting code and html are good. --Joey

Sounds good. I'll work on HTML::CalendarMonth for the next version. In the current version I did the event date vs. creation date option as a parameter to the calendar preprocessor rather than as a config variable so you could do it differently on different calendars in the same wiki. I also opted for values of auto vs. event rather than creation time vs. event since if you want to use creation time you can simply not include the event preprocessor directive. auto seems to give you that plus more flexibility. Feedback welcome :). --Jamie