Given a page /foo and a subpage /foo/bar, if I add a link to baz to /foo and click on the link to create the page, the suggested location should be /foo/baz instead of /baz. The rationale is that presence of a sibling folder, or sibling pages (with usefolders=0) is a strong hint that we're at the root of a (sub-)hierarchy.

I think there's something to be said for consistency, even if it doesn't make the best guess every time. It makes it more easy to learn when you do need to change the location, and learn when default works.

In your example, to get the foo/bar page created, you'd need to remember to change the default when creating that subpage. But only for the first subpage, after that it would get the default right. But who can remember if a particular page has a subpage already? You end up having to check every time anyway. Plus, you'd have to check every time you wanted to create "bar" from "foo" that it didn't guess you meant "foo/bar".

With the current simple default, you at least know you don't need to check in that fairly common case, which seems like a win over your suggestion.

IMHO, what you really want is Moving pages. :-) --Joey

This sounds like WONTFIX to me? --smcv