Turning the wikilink regexp into an extended regexp on the svn trunk seems to have broken the setuid wrapper on my system, because of two reasons: First, the wrapper generator should turn each newline in $configstring into \n in the C code rather than \ followed by a newline in the C code. Second, the untainting of $configstring should allow newlines.

Both of these problems were already dealt with in commit r3714, on June 3rd. Confused why you're posting patches for them now. done --Joey

Modified: wiki-meta/perl/IkiWiki.pm
--- wiki-meta/perl/IkiWiki.pm (original)
+++ wiki-meta/perl/IkiWiki.pm Mon Jun 11 10:52:07 2007
@@ -205,7 +205,7 @@

 sub possibly_foolish_untaint ($) {
  my $tainted=shift;
- my ($untainted)=$tainted=~/(.*)/;
+ my ($untainted)=$tainted=~/(.*)/s;
  return $untainted;

Modified: wiki-meta/perl/IkiWiki/Wrapper.pm
--- wiki-meta/perl/IkiWiki/Wrapper.pm (original)
+++ wiki-meta/perl/IkiWiki/Wrapper.pm Mon Jun 11 10:52:07 2007
@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@
- $configstring=~s/\n/\\\n/g;
+ $configstring=~s/\n/\\n/g;

  #translators: The first parameter is a filename, and the second is
  #translators: a (probably not translated) error message.