My numcomments Git branch adds a NUMCOMMENTS TMPL_VAR, which is useful to add to the forumpage.tmpl template to emulate (the nice bits of) a more usual webforum.

Please review... and pull :)

-- intrigeri

How is having this variable for showing a count of the comments better (or more forum-ish) than the COMMENTSLINK variable which includes a count and a link to the comments, and is already displayed in inlinepage.tmpl?

num_comments will never return undef.

I see no need to add a second pagetemplate hook. The existing one can be added to. Probably inside its if ($shown) block.

It may also be a good idea to either combine the calls to num_comments used for this and for the commentslink, or to memoize it. I'm thinking generally memoizing it may be a good idea since the comments for a page will typically be counted twice when it's inlined. --Joey


Well, the COMMENTSLINK variable fits my needs. Sorry for the disturbance. done --intrigeri