Commit messages should allow wiki syntax, and RecentChanges should format them accordingly.


That's a neat idea! It would probably have to be only the simpler bits, without preprocessor directives -- wouldn't want a commit message inlining a whole page into RecentChanges. Of course, it could only use one of the available markups, ie the default markdown. --Joey

To go along with this, the preview should show the formatted commit message. --JoshTriplett

This is really easy to do now, but it would have to be limited to applying markdown formatting (or whatever formatter is default I suppose) to the content, and not to expanding any WikiLinks or preprocessor directives. Especially with the new static RecentChanges, expanding even wikilinks would be pretty tricky to do. Applying markdown formatting seems like a reasonable thing; it would make commit messages that have the form of a bulletted list be marked up nicely, and would also handle emphasised words etc, and even http links. --Joey