ikiwiki 1.45 doesn't work properly for perl installs not in the system path.


~/tools/perl-5.8.8/perl Makefile.PL make

fails, as the 'make' command attempts to use the perl install in PATH, rather than the one ikiwiki is being installed for.

The installed bin/ikiwiki file also refers to /usr/bin/perl rather than the perl it is being installed for.

I will acdept sufficiently nonintrusive patches to make ikiwiki work better on strange systems like yours, but do not plan to work on it myself, since I do not use systems where /usr/bin/perl is not a sane default. --Joey

I've implemented a change that should fix this. For what it's worth this is a life saver on shared hosting where building your own perl is super effective. --frioux (code here)