It would be nice if ikiwiki, particularly comments (but also, ideally, recentchanges) supported user avatar icons.

Update: Done for comments, but not for anything else, and the directive below would be a nice addition. --Joey

Idea is to add a directive that displays a small avatar image for a user. Pass it a user's the email address, openid, username, or the md5 hash of their email address:

[[!avatar  user]]
[[!avatar  hash]]

These directives can then be hand-inserted onto pages, or more likely, included in eg, a comment post via a template.

An optional second parameter can be included, containing additional options to pass in the gravatar url. For example, this asks for a smaller gravatar, and if a user does not have a gravatar, uses a cute auto-generated "wavatar" avatar.

[[!gravatar "size=40&default=wavatar"]]

The gravitar_options setting in the setup file can be used to specify additional options to pass. So for example if you want to use wavatars everywhere, set it to "default=wavatar".