Any way to make it so an edit page doesn't offer the attachment capability unless it matches a specific user, is an admin, and/or is an allowed page? (For now, I have it on all pages, and then it prohibits after I submit based on the allowed_attachments.)

To do that, ikiwiki would have to try to match the allowed_attachments pagespec against a sort of dummy upload to the current page. Then if it failed, assume all real uploads would fail. Now consider a pagespec like "user(joey) and mimetype(audio/mpeg)" -- it'd be hard to make a dummy upload to test this pagespec against.

So, there would need to be some sort of test mode, where terms like mimetype() always succeed. But then consider a pagespec like "user(joey) and !mimetype(video/mpeg)" -- if mimetype succeeds, this fails.

So, maybe we can instead just filter out all the pagespec terms aside from user(), ip(), and admin(). Transforming that into just "user(joey)", which would succeed in the test.

That'd work, I guess. Pulling a pagespec apart, filtering out terms, and putting it back together is nontrivial, but doable.

Other approach would be to have a separate pagespec that explicitly controlls what pages to show the attachment UI on. --Joey