Problem: Suppose a server has 256 mb ram. Each ikiwiki process needs about 15 mb, before it's loaded the index. (And maybe 25 after, but only one such process runs at any time). That allows for about 16 ikiwiki processes to run concurrently on a server, before it starts to swap. Of course, anything else that runs on the server and eats memory will affect this.

One could just set MaxClients 16 in the apache config, but then it's also limited to 16 clients serving static pages, which is silly. Also, 16 is optimistic -- 8 might be a saner choice. And then, what if something on the server decides to eat a lot of memory? Ikiwiki can again overflow memory and thrash.

It occurred to me that the ikiwiki cgi wrapper could instead do locking of its own (say of .ikiwiki/cgilock). The wrapper only needs a few kb to run, and it starts fast. So hundreds could be running waiting for a lock with no ill effects. Crank MaxClients up to 256? No problem..

And there's no real reason to allow more than one ikiwiki cgi to run at a time. Since almost all uses of the CGI lock the index, only one can really be doing anything at a time. --Joey