This is mostly based on the Mercurial plugin (in fact, apart from the commands being run, only the name of the rcs was changed in rcs_recentchanges, and rcs_commit was only changed to work around bzr's lack of a switch to set the username). bzr_log could probably be written better by someone better at perl, and rcs_getctime and rcs_notify aren't written at all. --?bma

(rcs_notify is not needed in this branch --Joey)


use warnings;
use strict;
use IkiWiki;
use Encode;
use open qw{:utf8 :std};

package IkiWiki;

sub bzr_log($) {
        my $out = shift;

        my @lines = <$out>;

        my @entries = split(/\n-+\s/,join("", @lines));

        my @ret = ();

        foreach my $entry (@entries) {

                my ($initial,$i) = split(/message:/,$entry,2);
                my ($message, $j, $files) = split(/(added|modified|removed):/,$i,3);
                $message =~ s/\n/\\n/g;
                $files =~ s/\n//g;
                $entry = $initial . "\ndescription: " . $message . "\nfiles: " . $files;

                my @lines = split(/\n/,$entry);

                my %entry;
                foreach (@lines) {
                        my ($key,$value) = split(/: /);
                        $entry{$key} = $value;
                $entry{files}=~s/\s\s+/\ /g;

                $ret[@ret] = {
                        "description" =>  $entry{description},
                        "user" => $entry{committer},
                        "files" => $entry{files},
                        "date" => $entry{timestamp},

        return @ret;

sub rcs_update () {
        # Not needed.

sub rcs_prepedit ($) {
        return "";

sub rcs_commit ($$$;$$) {
        my ($file, $message, $rcstoken, $user, $ipaddr) = @_;

        if (defined $user) {
                $user = possibly_foolish_untaint($user);
        elsif (defined $ipaddr) {
                $user = "Anonymous from ".possibly_foolish_untaint($ipaddr);
        else {
                $user = "Anonymous";

        $message = possibly_foolish_untaint($message);
        if (! length $message) {
                $message = "no message given";

        my $olduser = `bzr whoami`;
        chomp $olduser;
        system("bzr","whoami",$user); # This will set the branch username; there doesn't seem to be a way to do it on a per-commit basis.
                                      # Save the old one and restore after the commit.
        my @cmdline = ("bzr", "commit", "-m", $message, $config{srcdir}."/".$file);
        if (system(@cmdline) != 0) {
                warn "'@cmdline' failed: $!";


        return undef; # success

sub rcs_add ($) {
        my ($file) = @_;

        my @cmdline = ("bzr", "add", "--quiet", "$config{srcdir}/$file");
        if (system(@cmdline) != 0) {
                warn "'@cmdline' failed: $!";

sub rcs_recentchanges ($) {
        my ($num) = @_;

        eval q{use CGI 'escapeHTML'};
        error($@) if $@;

        my @cmdline = ("bzr", "log", "--long", "--verbose", "--limit", $num,$config{srcdir});
        open (my $out, "@cmdline |");

        eval q{use Date::Parse};
        error($@) if $@;

        my @ret;
        foreach my $info (bzr_log($out)) {
                my @pages = ();
                my @message = ();

                foreach my $msgline (split(/\n/, $info->{description})) {
                        push @message, { line => $msgline };

                foreach my $file (split / /,$info->{files}) {
                        my $diffurl = $config{'diffurl'};
                        $diffurl =~ s/\[\[file\]\]/$file/go;
                        $diffurl =~ s/\[\[r2\]\]/$info->{changeset}/go;

                        push @pages, {
                                page => pagename($file),
                                diffurl => $diffurl,

                my $user = $info->{"user"};
                $user =~ s/\s*<.*>\s*$//;
                $user =~ s/^\s*//;

                push @ret, {
                        rev        => $info->{"changeset"},
                        user       => $user,
                        committype => "bzr",
                        when       => time - str2time($info->{"date"}),
                        message    => [@message],
                        pages      => [@pages],

        return @ret;

sub rcs_notify () {
        # TODO

sub rcs_getctime ($) {
        # TODO



Thanks for doing this. bzr 0.90 has support for --author to commit to set the author for one commit at a time, you might like to use that instead of changing the global username (which is racy).

Wouter van Heyst and I were also working on a plugin for bzr, but we were waiting for the smart server to grow the ability to run server side hooks, so that you can edit locally and then push to rebuild the wiki, but there is no need to stop this going in in the mean time. Thanks again --?JamesWestby

I didn't know about --author, it doesn't seem to be mentioned in the manual. I'd update the patch to reflect this, but it breaks with the version of bzr from Stable, and also the one I'm currently using from

It's new (in fact I'm not even sure that it made it in to 0.90, it might be in 0.91 due in a couple of weeks. I was just noting it for a future enhancement. --?JamesWestby

I've just posted another patch with support for bzr, including support for --author and a testsuite to git:// I hadn't seen this page earlier. --jelmer

I used jelmer's patch --done! --Joey