I'm thinking about caching the backlinks between runs. --Joey

  • It would save some time (spent resolving every single link on every page, every run). The cached backlinks could be updated by only updating backlinks from changed pages. (Saved time is less than 1/10th of a second for docwiki.)

  • It may allow attacking bestlink change update issue, since that seems to need a copy of the old backlinks. Actually, just the next change will probably solve that:

  • It should allow removing the %oldlink_targets, %backlinkchanged, and %linkchangers calculation code. Instead, just generate a record of which pages' backlinks have changed when updating the backlinks, and then rebuild those pages.


  • Store a page's backlinks in the index, same as everything else.

  • Do something to generate or store the %brokenlinks data. This is currently generated when calculating backlinks, and is only used by the brokenlinks plugin. It's not the right "shape" to be stored in the index, but could be changed around to fit.