Would it make sense to automatically delete a page if it's edited and cleared to be entirely empty (or only have whitespace)? Discuss. --Joey

I'd say so; yes. A method of deleting pages via the web would be great; I can't think of a use of keeping blank pages around. What about vandalism -- if someone blanks a page and deletes it and someone else wishes to restore it; or is undoing edits via the web a bigger issue? -- Jon

Of course there's already a way to delete pages (remove plugin). So the question is really:

  • Does it make sense to have a second way to do it, by clearing the page?
  • Should it be enabled even if the full remove plugin isn't?

Re vandalism in general, I am generally happy using git-revert to kill the offending change. --Joey

I don't think we need a second way to delete pages, which would probably be used by the only few people who will learn it's possible by random documentation reading, find it useful, and remember it. -- intrigeri

On the other hand, clearing the page's whole content essentially means deleting the page. That's what the user intended to do in this case. The information content of an empty vs. a deleted page is essentially the same, I'd say. But having ikiwiki remove those stale pages would save some (minimal, admittedly) time needed for manual clean-up. --tschwinge

On EmacsWiki, a page is marked for deletion when it contains just the DeletedPage keyword and if there were no page editions since XX days. Here, I use pages that can be empty everyday and filled all day long. It does not make sense to me to delete these pages :). --?xma

I was not aware of remove. I don't think another method is necessary -- Jon

Consensus seems to be won't fix as far as I can see. --smcv