ikiwiki should have a consistent set of smileys. We could fix the current smileys, or we could grab a new set of consistent smileys, such as the Tango emotes from gnome-icon-theme (GPL).

Tango doesn't have a smiley icon for :-/ I'd have to use the same icon as for :-( . Also missing is :-P |-) and some of the less used ones. Some of the non-face icons, like {*} and {o} also don't seem to be in there, though we could keep the current ones.

gnome-icon-theme's emotes are not the tango ones. Tango is CC-BY-SA 2.5 (non-free IIRC), while gnome-icon-themes is GPL. If you compare icons, such as the sunglasses one, they're different drawings, too. (I had been very confused by these different licenses before..)

gnome-icon-theme does have an icon for :-P , though it's missing |-) and some of the less used icons. Its :-( sucks, the mouth is barely visible at all even at 32x32 size, and the frown is hard to make out. In general the tango icons seem better drawn, though gnome-icon-themes has a better B-).

Now that ikiwiki has multiple underlays, it would be possible to ship multiple icon themes with ikiwiki, and have different versions of the smileys page to include only the smileys available for a given theme. The underlay to use could be a configuation option. --Joey