(now a darcs repo)

I've taken all the good stuff from the above (now deleted --Joey) and added the missing hooks. The code hasn't seen a lot of testing, so some bugs are likely yet to surface. Also, I'm not experienced with perl and don't know where I should have used the function possibly_foolish_untaint.

Review of this one:

  • Should use tab indentation. (fixed)
  • rcs_getctime should not need to use a ctime cache (such a cache should also not be named .ikiwiki.ctimes). rcs_getctime is run exactly once per page, ever, and the data is cached in ikiwiki's index. (fixed)
  • I doubt that ENV{DARCS} will be available, since the wrapper clobbers> the entire environment. I'd say remove that. (fixed)
  • I don't understand what darcs_info is doing, but it seems to be parsing xml with a regexp?
  • Looks like rcs_commit needs a few improvements, as marked TODO
  • rcs_remove just calls unlink? Does darcs record notice the file was removed and automatically commit the removal?
  • Is the the darcs info in details still up-to-date re this version? (fixed) --Joey


I think I've addressed all of the above except for the XML parsing in darcs_info. The function determines the md5 hash of the last patch the given file appears in. That's indeed being done with regexps but my Perl isn't good enough for a quick recode right now.

As for the darcs info in details, it does not accurately describe the way this version works. It's similar, but the details differ slightly. You could copy my description above to replace it.

done --Joey

There is still some ironing to do, for instance the current version doesn't allow for modifying attachments by re-uploading them via CGI ("darcs add failed"). Am I assuming correctly that "adding" a file that's already in the repo should just be a no-op? --pesco

It should result in the new file contents being committed by rcs_commit_staged. For some revision control systems, which automatically commit modifications, it would be a no-op. --Joey

Done. --pesco

I've finally merged this into ikiwiki master. The plugin looks quite complete, with only the new rcs_receive hook missing, and I hope it works as good as it looks. :) If anyone wants to work on improving it, there are some TODOs as mentioned above that could still be improved. --Joey