Discuss without login? Or feedback forum? Or fine-tuned per-page access control?

Any plugin or option for allowing website visitors to edit the discuss page without logging in (without having ikiwiki accounts)?

Or any plugin to add a feedback form (and maybe threads) to extend a Wiki webpage?

Or is there per-page access control that can be fine-tuned to lock some users or groups for specific pages? (The pagespec does show a way to lock all pages except for Discussion pages, but I want some users to also be able to edit other pages.)

I want a way for website visitors to be able to give feedback on the wiki pages without having to sign up or log in. I don't want them to be able to edit the exiting wiki pages except maybe Discussion page.

(For some reason, it seems like I asked this before ...)


Done; there's now a plugin interface for this and several nice plugins including one allowing opendiscussion. More special-purpose (and less wiki-like plugins) can be added based on this. --Joey