Look at a discussion page here or eg on wikipedia. It tends to turn into a mess. One nice way to avoid the mess would be to set it a discussion page as a blog so each new comment is a separate post.

One issue is, would there be a way to do this for all new discussion pages by default somehow? Setting up the blog means inserting a preprocessor directive; and that could somehow happen automatically when the discussion page is first created. (Creating a bunch of empty discussion pages with such directives ahead of time would be silly.) Maybe some kind of new page template system would do the trick, so pages matching */Discussion start off as a clone of DiscussionTemplate. Although the first person to try to create the discussion page would still end up in an edit page with that template, which is not ideal. Hmm.

Thinking about this some more, discussion links for pages that don't yet have discussion could go directly to the ikiwiki cgi, which could provide a post form, and create a new discussion page with the necessary inlining.

Another issue is that discussions really want to be threaded. Does that mean that a page like foo/discussion/question should have its own foo/discussion/question/(discussion?)/answer page? Of course, rss feeds don't handle threading, and of course doing this might be dependant on the issue above. Worrying about threading may be overkill.

Something like castle and discussion? (Sorry about the noise, btw.) --Ethan

this really didn't seem to work -- here's my attempted comment; http://ikiwiki.info/sandbox/castle/discussion/test_comment/index.html. -- JonDowland

I don't think that the nesting is very clear, I found it confusing..

Would each page be its own individual blog? Or its own blog post? To me it seems like an entire wiki can be viewed as a blog, with threaded or unthreaded comments underneath.