I prefer to use a current year, month and day to archive my blog posts, for example post/2007/11/12/foo-bar-baz path is better for me than post/foo-bar-baz. Unfortunately it seems that rootpage parameter of inline plugin is very static. Is it a chance to make it more dynamic? Now I have to use svn mkdir command to create appropriate subdirectories by hand.

I think that you could add builtin functions or variables, for example current_year() or $CURRENT_YEAR to usage inside rootpage parameter. Something like for Manoj's calendar plugin. Then my rootpage parameter could be like rootpage="post/current_year()/current_month()/current_day()". Another good hints are welcomed ;)

What's your opinion, Joey? I hope it's also useful for another ikiwiki lovers :)


Hello Joey! Is it a taboo subject? ;) --Paweł

No, but I don't know of a way to do it that feels flexible and right.. Using functions as in your example doesn't feel right somehow. --Joey

Seems like a job for good ol' string interpolation. rootpage="post/$current_year/$current_month/$current_day" Ikiwiki could provide some vars, and it would be nice to write plugins to also provide vars. Sort of like templates. Does that feel OK? --sabr

I want the exact same thing. My compromise was to create a datedblog module which overrides inline's sessioncgi hook with something that sets the new page name to %Y-%m-%d.$page and sets up a meta directive at the beginning of the content, with the title you wanted. Now if you use the datedblog module, you get dated blog entries. But I'd like to have traditional inline functionality too. This would work great if there were a way to change the do parameter in the blogpost template's form; if I could change it to datedblog instead of blog then I could hook my datedblog module in nicely, without having to override anything. What would be the right way to do that? --neale

This is basically the same request as inline postform autotitles. --smcv