The recentchanges plugin has a do=recentchanges_link feature that will redirect to a given wiki page, or an error page with a creation link.

In the ?comments plugin I've found that it would be useful to do the same for users. For now I've just cloned the functionality into the comments plugin, but perhaps this functionality could be renamed to do=goto or something, and moved to IkiWiki/

Now implemented as the 'goto' branch in my git repository, along with apache 404 ErrorDocument handler. --smcv

Looks good, the only things I wonder are: * Should it be a separate plugin? In particular cgi_page_from_404() is pretty big, and only works if apache is configured so seems somewhat pluginaable.

I've split out goto and apache404 plugins in the branch. I think you're right that apache404 should be a plugin. If you think goto is small and general enough to not be a plugin, just don't merge my most recent patch! --smcv

  • I wish there were some way to generalize the workaround for the stupid MSIE behavior. Actually, I wish we could ignore the MSIE stupidity, as I tend to do, but perhaps it's too stupid in this case for that to fly..
  • Is there any reason to require do=goto before checking for REDIRECT_STATUS? Seems that if that code were moved out of the enclosing if block, the apache 404 handler could be set direct to the cgi, which seems simpler to remember. --Joey

No, good point - the REDIRECT_STATUS check is sufficiently unambiguous already. Fixed. --smcv