I would like to have the possibility for hidden tags or links. Using the tag functionality I could group some news items for including them into other subpages. But I don't want the links or tags to show (and I don't want Tag lists like "Tags: ?mytag"). The tagged items should not differ from the items, that are not tagged.
I didn't find any way to hide the tag list or links and I don't want to have to create a "hidden" page containing links to the pages and then using the backlink functionality, because this is more prone to errors. It's easier to forget adding a link on a second page than forgetting to add a needed tag to a new newsitem.

I found out, that using the meta plugin it is possible to create the hidden link, that I wanted.
-- ?Enno

Yes, meta link will not show up as a visible link on the page, while also not showing up in the list of tags of a page, so it seems what you want. done --Joey