If RSS and Atom are enabled by default, the ?comments plugin generates a feed, perhaps /sandbox/index.atom for comments on the sandbox. If a blog is added to the page, the blog will steal the name /sandbox/index.atom and the comments plugin's feed will change to /sandbox/index.atom2.

If [[!inline ]] gained a parameter feedname or something, the comments plugin could use feedname=comments to produce /sandbox/comments.atom instead (this would just require minor enhancements to rsspage(), atompage() and targetpage()).

As a side benefit, my blog could go back to its historical Atom feed URL of .../feed.atom (which is currently a symlink to index.atom :-) )

On sites not using usedirs the current feed is /sandbox.atom, and we could perhaps change it to /sandbox-comments.atom or /sandbox/comments.atom if feedname=comments is given.


This is slightly hard to do, because you have to worry about conflicting pages setting feedname, which could cause ikiwiki to blow up.

Particularly for the non-usedirs case, where a page sandbox/comments would produce the same feed as sandbox with feedname=comments. --Joey

done as feedfile option --Joey