A patch in my git repository (the inline-pagenames branch) adds the following parameter to the inline directive:

  • pagenames - If given instead of pages, this is interpreted as a space-separated list of links to pages (with the same LinkingRules as in a WikiLink), and they are inlined in exactly the order given: the sort and pages parameters cannot be used in conjunction with this one.

This is on my wishlist for my album plugin, which currently uses it internally (as it has already collected the pages in order). It could also be useful for other things, like wikitrails. --smcv

It's sort of a pity that a pagespec like "a or b or c" doesn't somehow match to (a, b, c) in that order, but I don't see how that would be generally possible. While this feels a bit like bloat and inline already has far too many parameters, I have merged it. --Joey