I think I would like mail notifications. Though it kinda comes out of this general fear of vandalisation.

So if some 'evil doer' turned my wiki into a porn site, I would like to rectify it ASAP. So I would like:

  1. Mail notifications of edits not made by me (or established contributors)
  2. If there is something fishy, the steps I would need to revert the changes

Mail notifications are probably not required. For example I get lots of comments on my blog, but I don't get mailed about them. They go through the (proprietary) Akismet filter.

Perhaps a powerful little UNDO feature on RecentChanges is all that is needed.

Um, if you'll look at the mailnotification page, ikiwiki has supported mail notifications for > 1 year, with a powerful PageSpec to allow chosing which pages you want to be notified about. --Joey