I've prepared a bootstrap branch based on https://github.com/gsliepen/ikistrap.

Main impediment to merging it is jquery; bootstrap probably needs a newer version than the 1.6.2 included in ikiwiki and upgrading it would need testing the parts of ikiwiki that use jquery.

It also needs to include bootstrap 4 in ikiwiki, rather than pulling it from the CDN, probably. Although depending on a debian package would be nicer, if bootstrap 4 got packaged in Debian.

Note that the template changes are not entirely optimial, but I did them in a way that makes the diff pretty clear that nothing changes except when the bootstrap theme is enabled.


bootstrap3 is in debian. As far as I know, there is no effort to package b4 just yet, maybe a RFP?

My work on bootstrap also involved some changes to the base templates, not sure there is a way to work around that. --anarcat

As for not tampering with template files, the only way I found to work around this is to rename the desired bootstrap classes to the ones that the default ikiwiki template wants (toc, map, etc.). What this means is copying css code from bootstrap.css to the styles.css. See for yourself - don't mind the red parts. This is tedious and boring, it's easier to tamper with template files than to rewrite bootstrap by copying and pasting it. --desci

Is there any progress here? Someone wanting to build a Bootstrap 4 should look at working with this branch or a custom theme?

For the record, there is a Debian package for font-awesome. mkdocs-bootstrap uses that. sphinx-bootstrap-theme is another bootstrap-based theme packaged in Debian. Both ship embeded copies of Bootstrap 3, so there are prior offenses to just shipping the code within the package.

It would be preferable to package bootstrap 4 seperately of course... I made a RFP for packaging B4.

I was somehow under the impression that Boostrap 4 was lighter, but looking at the actual code on the alpha site makes me think that it is actually larger, which reduces the incentives for me to do the upgrade... Along with jquery, it's a 100KB overhead on first load, something that shouldn't be neglected. The alpha site is around 1MB and 25 requests! My site can currently squeeze all of jquery and boostrap in 80KB (including the glyphs font) and it's only that stupid Mozilla Fira font that makes it blow up to 300KB... So I am not sure I would switch to B4 - maybe doing a B3 merge would be best for now, especially since Bootstrap 3 is already packaged in Debian? -- anarcat