i gave up on anti-spam protection protection and -- or rather -- i switched to the nuclear bomb of antispam and enabled moderatedcomments on all pages except for real users, which requires a password to create (although see emailauth bypasses account_creation_password for a caveat on that).

i find it strange that i get a new content notification when a comment gets approved, but not when i should be moderating one. i understand i might not want to trigger an email when spam comes in, but maybe that would be better in my workflow? my main goal is to keep spam from contaminating my git history, so moderatedcomments, even if it sends me spam notifications, would still be useful.

anyone worked on a patch or plugin for that? maybe it could be another plugin that would run a check_content hook after moderatedcomments? how are those ordered anyways?

alternatively, i'm thinking of a cronjob that runs daily and notifies me of new comments...

update: I ended up doing the latter, see commandline comment moderation.

-- anarcat