I'm writing my own CSS for ikiwiki. During this effort I often found the need of adding more class="" attributes to the default ikiwiki templates. This way more presentational aspects of visual formatting can be delegated to CSS and removed from the HTML structure.

In this patch I plan to collect changes in this direction.

The first, one-liner, patch is to use a "div" element with a class="actions" attribute for inline page as is done with non-inlined page. This way the same CSS formatting can be applied to div.actions in the CSS, while at the moment it must be duplicated for a span.actions (which I believe is also incorrect, since it will contain a "ul" element, not sure though). In case the markup should be differentiated it will still be possible relying on the fact that a div.actions is contained or not in a div.inlinepage.

Here's the one-liner:

applied --Joey

The following adds a div element with class="trailer" around the meta-information added after an inlined page (namely: the post date, the tags, and the actions):

--- inlinepage.tmpl.orig        2006-12-28 16:56:49.000000000 +0100
+++ inlinepage.tmpl     2006-12-28 17:02:06.000000000 +0100
@@ -17,6 +17,8 @@

+<div class="trailer">
 <span class="pageinfo">
@@ -44,3 +46,5 @@


Unfortunately, the inlinepage content passes through markdown, and markdown gets confused by these nested div's and puts p's around one of them, generating broken html. If you can come up with a way to put in the div that passes the test suite, or a fix to markdown, I will accept it, but the above patch fails the test suite. --Joey

Just a note... This discrepancy doesn't exist in pandoc as demonstrated in the relevant page. Pandoc is a real parser for markdown (contrasting the regexp based implementation of markdown.pl). I've almost finished the Debian packaging. John is working on a --strict mode which will hopefully make pandoc a drop-in replacement for markdown. I'll upload pandoc after his work has finished. Whether it could be used in IkiWiki is an open question, but having alternatives is always a good thing and perhaps, the fact that pandoc can make markdown->LaTeX conversion may lead to new possibilities. --?Roktas

I confirm that this (Debian bug #405058) has just been fixed in markdown 1.0.2b7 (BTW, thanks to your bug report Joey). FYI, I've observed some performance drop with 1.0.2b7 compared to 1.0.1, especially noticable with big files. This was also confirmed by someone else, for example, see this thread --?Roktas

1.0.2b7 is slower, but ok, and parses much better. I'm waiting for it to at least get into debian testing before I make ikiwiki depend on it though. --Joey

This Markdown issue seems to have been worked around by the optimization in which [[!inline ]] is replaced with a placeholder, and the placeholder is later replaced by the HTML. Meanwhile, this patch has been obsoleted by applying a similar one (wrapping things in a div with class inlinefooter). That was the last remaining unapplied patch on this page, so I think this whole page can be considered done. --smcv

I'd like a class attribute on the <span> tag surrounding wikilinks that refer to non-existent pages, in Ikiwiki.pm:htmllink, so that such broken links can be styled more dramatically with CSS. --Jamey

added --Joey