Disabling some of action URLs is not possible now without creating own version of templates/page.tmpl file. For example, how to disable displaying EDITURL, RECENTCHANGESURL or PREFSURL without touching original page.tmpl template?

Now I can only enable/disable HISTORYURL and DISCUSSIONLINK. It's not hard for me, but I think that the way to do it can be confusing for another Ikiwiki users. For example, if I don't want HISTORYURL, then I need to comment historyurl hash in setup file. But if I want to disable discussions, then I need to set discussion=0 there. So, you can see that we don't have one common method here.

Maybe Ikiwiki setup file should has more hashes for action URLs, for example edit=[01], recentchanges=[01], prefs=[01] and history=[01]?

If you are curious why I need that features, I can clarify it. I'm building "parallel" version of my site. It means that I want to have one editable version for internal users and second only readable version (+ search feature) for external users. I build both versions on secure, internal machine from the same pages, of course, and separated setup files and different templates. The readable version of the site will be rsynced to clustered WWW front-ends immediately via post-commit hook file or periodically by Cron. I haven't decided how to do it yet. --Paweł

You disable display of recentchanges by disabling that plugin.

Thanks for the hint! I didn't think about it :)

You disable edit and preferences by not enabling a cgiurl at all.

Yes, I've just discovered it. Unfortunately I need cgiurl, because I would like to use searching feature also for read-only pages.

Maybe page editing will become a plugin some day, or be made configurable -- there are a few things like searching and websetup (and possibly the poll plugin, aggregate webtrigger, and pingee) that it may make sense to enable a cgi for even if you don't want to allow page editing. --Joey

I'm glad you agree that it may make sense :) --Paweł

We're in a similar situation with http://web.monkeysphere.info - wanting cgiurl so that our recentchanges page displays links, but not wanting to enable editing of pages (since we're also rsync'ing the html pages to mirrors) --Jamie

editpage plugin implemented, done --Joey

Joey, you're great! Thank you very, very, very much! :D --Paweł