It might be nice to be able to control comments by inserting directives in individual pages:

  • disable comments where they would normally be enabled, e.g. for a blog post you know is going to cause flamey responses ([[!closecomments ]] to reject new comments but display old ones, [[!nocomments ]] to hide comments too?)

  • direct comments to a different wiki page or an off-site URL, e.g. if you have mentioned/posted something in two places and you want to collect all the comments together (maybe [[!commenton page=other/page]], [[!commenton url=""]]?)

  • (maybe) enable comments where they would not normally be enabled? (I'm unsure about this one, it would need to be under some level of admin control - maybe a new pagespec for pages where comments are disabled by default but may be enabled by directives)

The use that got me thinking about this is that if the album plugin evolves to be able to have the same picture appear in more than one trail as kjs requested, all except the "original" (defined as the page to which the picture was attached) should probably either disable comments, or direct comments to the "original".

I don't plan to work on this myself unless I find that I need it (for album or otherwise).