ikiwiki now has a disable hook. Should the po plugin remove the po files from the source repository when it has been disabled?

pot files, possibly, but the po files contain work, so no. --Joey

I tried to implement this in my po-disable branch, but AFAIK, the current rcs plugins interface provides no way to tell whether a given file (e.g. a POT file in my case) is under version control; in most cases, it is not, thanks to .gitignore or similar, but we can't be sure. So I just can't decide it is needed to call rcs_remove rather than a good old unlink. --intrigeri

I guess you could call rcs_remove followed by unlink. --Joey

Implemented in my po-disable branch, added a basic test case that passes, not tested in a real ikiwiki with a VCS yet. Not sure I'll have time to do better any time soon, but for anyone interested to lead this to completion, it should be a good starting point. --intrigeri