I was suprised that, when using the map directive, a pagespec of "*" listed all the translated pages as well as regular pages. That can make a big difference to an existing wiki when po is turned on, and seems generally not wanted. (OTOH, you do want to match translated pages by default when locking pages.) --Joey

Seems hard to me to sort apart the pagespec whose matching pages list must be restricted to pages in the master (or current?) language, and the ones that should not. The only solution I can see to this surprising behaviour is: documentation. --intrigeri

Well, a sorting criteria might be that if a PageSpec is used with a specified locaction, as happens whenever a PageSpec is used on a page, then it should match only currentlang(). If it is used without a location, as in the setup file, then no such limit.

Ok. --intrigeri

Note that match_currentlang currently dies if called w/o a location -- if it instead was always true w/o a location, this would just mean that all pagespecs should have and currentlang() added to them. How to implement that? All I can think of doing is wrapping pagespec_translate.

Seems doable. --intrigeri

The only case I've found where it does make sense to match other language pages is on l10n.ikiwiki.info when listing pages that need translation.

Otherwise, it can be documented, but that's not really enough; a user who makes a site using auto-blog.setup and enables po will get a really screwed up blog that lists translations as separate posts and needs significant work to fix. I have thought about making match_currentlang a stub in IkiWiki (done in my currentlang branch), so I can use it in all the PageSpecs in the example blog etc, but I can't say I love the idea. --Joey