A feature I originally requested on a related bug:

Allow the openid plugin to be loaded but disabled, for its side-effect of defining IkiWiki::openiduser

On various sites I have two IkiWiki instances running from the same
repository: one accessible via http and only accepting openid logins,
and one accessible via authenticated https and only accepting httpauth.
Ideally, the https version should still pretty-print OpenIDs seen in
git history.


I wonder if an option is the best approach. Maybe it would be better to simply move openiduser into userlink, and thus always support openid usernames whether the plugin is enabled or not. --Joey

OK, implemented that as 'smcv/always-openid'; if you don't think that's bloating the IkiWiki core too much, please consider merging. The poll on openid indicates fairly strong support for only accepting OpenID logins, so I think recognising OpenIDs can reasonably be considered core functionality! --smcv

That seemed easier than expected, done. (I do wonder if the call to openiduser still needs to be evaled -- it was probably only evaled before in case it was not available, but I have not carefully checked it to make sure it doesn't ever die. --Joey