The bzr plug echoes "added: somefile.mdwn" when it adds somefile.mdwn to the repository. As a result, the redirect performed after a new article is created fails because the bzr output comes before the HTTP headers.

The fix is simply to call bzr with the --quiet switch. Something like this applied to works for me:

<   my @cmdline = ("bzr", $config{srcdir}, "update");
>   my @cmdline = ("bzr", "update", "--quiet", $config{srcdir});
<   my @cmdline = ("bzr", "commit", "-m", $message, "--author", $user,
>   my @cmdline = ("bzr", "commit", "--quiet", "-m", $message, "--author", $user, 
<   my @cmdline = ("bzr", "add", "$config{srcdir}/$file");
>   my @cmdline = ("bzr", "add", "--quiet", "$config{srcdir}/$file");
>   eval q{use CGI 'escapeHTML'};
>   error($@) if $@;

done, although I left off the escapeHTML thing which seems to be in your patch by accident.

(Please use diff -u BTW..) --Joey