Would you consider Recommending libtext-markdown-discount instead of depending on it? It isn't available in wheezy, and the sid version is the wrong side of a perl transition, unfortunately. This is the only dependency preventing the stock sid version of ikiwiki from being installable on a wheezy host. -- Jon

That's a temporary problem. Actually, I just checked and it's already resolved; discount is in testing now, as is the latest ikiwiki.

Ikiwiki depends on enough perl modules to make sure it will work, and since it uses discount by default, it needs to depend on it. If I make the dependency on `libtext-markdown-discount-perl | libtext-markdown-perl', then users will not automatically transition to using discount, which I want them to do. done --Joey

Sorry, I made a mistake in the phrasing of my original request. It's not installable on squeeze, which is what I care about, rather than wheezy. Someone needs to backport libtext-markdown-discount I guess. — Jon

For squeeze, it will be appropriate for an ikiwiki backport to still depend on the old markdown. Although a discount backport would be nice! I don't want the current ikiwiki to be held back by requirement that it be installable as-is on squeeze. --Joey