What do you think about refreshing RecentChanges page (via Meta Refresh Tag)? It can be useful for users like me which rather prefer watching the last changes in WWW browser tab than subscribing to page. --Paweł

Depends, if it were done the time period should be made configurable. Unwanted server load due to refeshing could be a problem for some. --Joey

Yes, it should be configurable by ikiwiki admin. I believe he's not stupid and he will not set too short refresh period to kill his server :) I propose to add recentchanges_refresh variable in ikiwiki setup to setting refresh period. If it's not defined, then ikiwiki doesn't put refresh meta tag into recentchanges.tmpl. Do you like it? ;) --Paweł

Seems reasonable --Joey

Sounds like a client-side issue, not an ikiwiki issue. Grab the ReloadEvery extension for FirefoxIceweasel, and use that to periodically refresh any page you want. --JoshTriplett