There could be a better way of setting the title and description of the rss feeds. Perhaps through the meta plugin, or extra options to the inline plugin.

At the moment The description is the same for all feeds from a single wiki it seems, and the title is forced to be one word, though I don't think it needs to be.

A few pointers and I might be able to implement this myself. -- JamesWestby

I don't see any problem with the title, it's the same as the title of the wiki page that the rss feed comes from, which can be set using the meta plugin. There are no restrictions to one word or anything like that. Just made ikiwiki emit the following in a test feed:

billy bob's news

Now, the description field currently defaults to the wiki name, and that could indeed stand to be made configurable. Since the current (svn) version of ikiwiki supports long, word-wrapped blocks of text as parameters to Directives, seems to me the best way would be to simple modify to make the descripion configurable by such parameter, with a fallback to the wiki name. You'll need to modify rsspage.tmpl to use whatever new template variable you define, that should be all.


Apologies for the title thing. I tried it yesterday, and it onlt used the first word. I must have done something wrong. I'll have a look at implementing the description. Thanks. -- JamesWestby

My patch can be found at -- JamesWestby

Thanks, done --Joey