Optional automatic section numbering would help reading: otherwise, a reader (like me) gets lost in the structure of a long page.

I guess it is implementable with complex CSS... but one has first to compose this CSS in any case. So, this wish still has a todo status. --Ivan Z.

And another aspect why this is related to ikiwiki, not just authoring a CSS, is that the style of the numbers (genereated by CSS probably) should match the style of the numbers in ikiwiki's toc. --Ivan Z.

https://codepen.io/X-Raym/pen/dBprG - a known CSS technique. works well. adapted here due to that numbering starting from h2, where ikiwiki (incorrectly) starts headings from h1 http://libre-riscv.org/local.css --lkcl

Related: toc-with-human-readable-anchors. That said, I'm not sure this is something that ikiwiki should handle at all. As you said, this can be generated by CSS... Maybe an option for the toc plugin would be necessary to change the style of the numbering, but I doubt it's worth the effort... In other words, there is already some numbering in the table of contents, the CSS should just match it... unless I'm missing something? -- anarcat