I would love to be able to publish my theme in my personnal wiki. The theme is in a separate git repository, and i feel it would be pretty awesome if it was rendered within my main ikiwiki site. I have tried the following:

git submodule add /usr/share/ikiwiki/themes/night_city/
git commit -m"add the theme to my site" ; git push

But this made really weird things on the other side. The files from the theme end up flat in the parent directory. Now I have reverted the above change and ikiwiki still generates those files. Not sure what is going on.

To be really clear here: this is an arbitrary source code repository that I want to include, I do not mean to enable the theme with this, this could very well be presentation material, C source code or whatever else... In fact, I think this would be a powerful way to do syntax highlightning for source code published on your website...

Other people had experience with this? Or other suggestions on how to publish repositories within my site? -- anarcat

Ikiwiki does not support git submodules.

You can use the underlay plugin to merge the contents of other directories into your wiki's source. --Joey