It would be nice to have pagespecs support "link(.)" as syntax. This would match pages that link to the page that invokes the pagespec. The use case is a blog with tags, and having a page for each tag which uses !inline to list all posts with the tag.

Joey said on IRC that "probably changing the derel() function in is the best way to do it".

I implemented this suggestion in the simplest possible way, patch available here. An alternative approach, very similar, would be to make the empty page parameter mean current page (e.g. link() would mean pages linking here). The patch would be very similar. -- GB

Thanks for this, and also for your recent spam-fighting. Huh, I was right about changing derel, didn't realize it would be so obvious a change. :) Oh well, I managed to complicate it some in optimisation pass.. ;)

Note that your git-daemon on seems down. I pulled the patch from gitweb, done --Joey