As described on Tails issue #5879, cgit wants URLs like:

... while ikiwiki generates links like:

on the recentchanges page.

Would it make sense to add an option to skip URL-encoding when doing the substitution of [[file]] in diffurl and historyurl?


In 91b477c I made a similar change to how the cvs backend encodes diffurl. Perhaps it applies to all VCS backends? --schmonz

Thanks a lot! I've not looked at it yet, but will try to do so soonish, as this bug is a real problem for Tails when welcoming potential new contributors. --intrigeri

My fix_diffurl_vs._cgit branch now implements schmonz' change for the Git plugin. Please review and merge if you like it. --intrigeri

Ping? --intrigeri

Normally, my tendency towards pedantic preservation of existing APIs would make me implement a new token [[file_less_escaped]] or something, analogous to %s vs. %S in shortcuts; but gitweb and cgit are both OK with / not being escaped, whereas only gitweb allows it to be escaped as %2F, so I think your solution is fine. Also, it would need a much better name than [[file_less_escaped]], and I can't think of one.

I don't have commit access to, but if I did, I'd merge this. --smcv

merged --Joey