It would be great if I could to this:

 [[!toc  levels=3 skip=1]]

I use h1 for big title on each page, and don't want it in my toc on that page.

That way I could have toc for h2 and h3 and h1 is skipped bacause it is big title for many pages.

I realize there is a lot of personal preference involved here but before another option is added, I wonder why you're using a h1 for a title on each page when the page name already appears at the top of each page. And if the page name isn't right for the title, you can use [[!meta title="foo"]] to override it. And this purposefully doesn't show up in the toc. --Joey

aaaahhh, I made a mistake. U used some other page.tmpl and title was hidden, so I used h1 for it. Thanks, consider this closed :)

P.S. I tried to indent "[[toc..." to make it monospaced but it does not work ?

It's monospaced here.

ehhh, CSS bug on my part :(