If one puts localized chars in wikilinks ikiwiki will escape it. This works right from a technical point of view, but the URLs will become ugly.

So I made a patch which unaccent chars: http://users.itk.ppke.hu/~cstamas/code/ikiwiki/unaccentpagetitlenames/ This is a one liner change, but requires a bit of reordering in the code.


This was previously requested in more customisable titlepage function, in which Joey said "I don't think that changing titlepage is a good idea, there are compatability problems".

The problem is that altering titlepage changes the meaning of your wiki, by resolving all wiki links to different page names. That means that:

  • unaccenting can't be automatic, it has to be a configuration option (so you don't accidentally get different behaviour by installing Text::Unaccent)
  • upgrading Text::Unaccent becomes risky, as I doubt it guarantees to have stable rules for how to transliterate into ASCII!