Many plugins seem to create temporary files. Although it is not much code, it is duplicated, and a typical place for security bugs. Would it be worthwhile to have library functions for creating temporary files and directories? If nothing else, it would serve as documentation of the "official way".

Off to cut and paste :-) --DavidBremner

Hmm, I see only three users of temp files in all ikiwiki: * hnb uses File::Temp::mkstemp to create two temp file handles. * teximg uses File::Temp::tempdir to create a temporary directory. * attachment retrieves a temp file from CGI::tmpFileName. These are three quite different uses of temp files, not subject to unification. Using File::Temp (and avoiding the posibly insecure mktemp, tmpname, and tempnam functions) is probably as unified as can be managed. --Joey

OK, fair enough. Somehow the code in teximg made me think it was all a bit complicated. But after I played with it a bit more (and used File::Temp) I tend to agree, there is no real problem there to fix.
Feel free to mark done DavidBremner