Currently, ikiwiki has the configuration file /etc/ikiwiki/wikilist, which ikiwiki-mass-rebuild can use to rebuild all the ikiwikis on the system, such as when upgrading ikiwiki. This file includes usernames, and ikiwiki-mass-rebuild (which must run as root) changes to the specified user to rebuild their wiki. However, this means that adding new ikiwikis to the list must require administrator action, since editing the file would allow you to run ikiwiki as any user. What about a user-subdirectory mechanism for this? If each user could have their own /etc/ikiwiki/users/$user/wikilist, which only contained wikis (no users), ikiwiki-mass-rebuild could rebuild each wiki in this list as the corresponding user only. This would mean that an administrator need only create the directory and provide user or group write permission, and the user or group can then create wikis as needed.

Done, though somewhat differently. --Joey