Boris has been using ikiwiki for several years now as both a wiki engine for group organizing and documenting and as static site generator for a bunch of sites out there, one example would be

So while apparently coming from the web-frontend, he never wanted to really learn any of the messy stuff that lingers around in this realm besides HTML and CSS and a little scripting where necessary.

He is well aware of the web being an amateurish, crappy place, while he thinks that the internet as such, still can be thought of and be used as "a natural resource" like Alan Kay pointed out.

To learn to write things from scratch he's currently looking at Yesod and other frameworks in Haskell and in Rust, learning Haskell (since it's beautiful) and later on Rust (since it wants to be wise) to dig into functional languages for building some future proof applications. As a studied Marxist and working as a sound engineer, musician and producer, running a small studio in an artists run space, he actually is doing this to be able to show to his kids how important the understanding of fundamentals is.