When you edited ikiwikiusers all the utf-8 on the page was removed. Is this an issue with the web browser you used? I've fixed the utf-8 damage. --Joey

Ooops! Sorry - yes, my fault - I was using w3m, which spawned nano to edit the text, and I'm not setup for utf-8. I'll be more careful in future. --KarlMW


While I have your attention... I got my asciidoc plugin going, at least well enough to render my website without complaint. If you want to have a look at it, the plugin is at http://mowson.org/karl/colophon. Is it worthy of adding to the ikiwiki plugin collection? This is my first ever perl programming, so I may well have made absurd mistakes - if there are things that need changing then I will probably need help/guidance. --KarlMW

The main problem I see is the html escaping issue. This is not really unique to asciidoc, see format escape. I wonder if the technique provided by that patch could be used to let your plugin automatically handle the escaping. Unfortunatey, I have not yet gotten around to reviewing/applying the patch. --Joey

Escaping is indeed a problem with asciidoc - it seems to me that asciidoc still processes some things which have supposedly been escaped, although that may just be a matter of me misunderstanding something. Inline escaping is done with both prefix and suffix of "+++" - no way to nest it. Block escaping starts and ends with a line of "++++" (4 or more of "+").

I suspect that asciidoc can't really be made to play nice to the extent that I would want casual users/abusers to have it as a markup option on a live wiki - it's fine for a personal site where you can look at the output before putting it online, but I think it would be a hideously gaping integrity hole for anything more than that. However, for a personal site (as I am using it), it does seem to have its uses.

I'll keep an eye on the format_escape plugin, and assuming it is accepted into ikiwiki, will see if I can apply it to asciidoc. --KarlMW

Is there any way to enable latexmath rendering? It semes that ikiwiki strips the necessary javascript and/or style sheet information from the HTML page generated by asciidoc. --Peter