Had a look at your site. Sprawling, individualistic, using ikiwiki in lots of ways. Makes me happy. :) I see that I have let a lot of contrib plugins pile up. I will try to get to these. I'm particularly interested in your use of yaml+fields. Encourage you to go ahead with any others you have not submitted here, like pmap. (Unless it makes more sense to submit that as a patch to the existing map plugin.) --Joey

Thanks. I would have put more up, but I didn't want to until they were properly documented, and other things have taken a higher priority.

I think pmap is probably better as a separate plugin, because it has additional dependencies (HTML::LinkList) which people might not want to have to install.

One approach commonly used in ikiwiki is to make such optional features be enabled by a switch somewhere, and 'eval q{use Foo}` so the module does not have to be loaded unless the feature is used. --Joey

Unfortunately, HTML::LinkList isn't an optional feature for pmap; that's what it uses to create the HTML for the map. --KathrynAndersen

The "includepage" plugin I'm not sure whether it is worth releasing or not; it's basically a cut-down version of "inline", because the inline plugin is so complicated and has so many options, I felt more at ease to have something simpler.