… To put it short: an Ikiwiki newbie.


Currently, I run a few Ikiwiki instances. Namely:

  • http://sfd.am-1.org/Software Freedom Day event at Altai State University.

  • https://spire.am-1.org/ — introductory materials on XML, Markdown, Ikiwiki, etc. in Russian.

  • http://am-1.org/~ivan/networks-2011/ — bits & pieces related to the course on computer networks I've read in 2011.

  • http://rsdesne.am-1.org/rsdesne-2010/ (down since December, 2012) — used to hold some of the materials related to the “Remote Sensing in Education, Science and National Economy” (2010-03-29 … 2010-04-10, Altai State University) program I've participated in as an instructor.

  • http://lhc.am-1.org/lhc/ (down since December, 2012) — used to hold random stuff written by me, my colleagues, students, etc.


I prefer to use Lynx along with Emacs (via emacsclient) to work with the wikis. (Note the “Local variables” section below.)

The things I dislike in the wiki engines are:

  • the use of home-brew specialized version control systems — while there're a lot of much more developed general purpose ones;

  • oversimplified syntax — which (to some extent) precludes more sophisticated forms of automated processing; in particular, this forces one to reformat the material, once complete, to, say, prepare a book, or an article, or slides.

Out of all the wiki engines I'm familiar with, only Ikiwiki is free of the first of these. I hope that it will support more elaborate syntaxes eventually.

Local variables:
mode: markdown
coding: utf-8
fill-column: 64
ispell-local-dictionary: "american"