I'm Øyvind A. Holm, a Norwegian guy who's been in love with *NIX-like operating systems since I first tried QNX in 1987. Then, after playing around with Coherent for a while, I finally got on the Linux bandwagon at kernel 1.2.8 in 1995.

I live in Bergen, Norway, at N 60.37436° E 5.3471°, to be specific. I'm quite passionate about Open Source in general, freedom of speech, music and science. I'm a photo enthusiast, musician now and then, atheist and some kind of anarchist.

Most of the places on the Net I hang around are listed on my Google profile.

I discovered ikiwiki on 2011-02-15, and immediately clicked with it. One week later it had replaced everything on my web server, after using some homegrown CMS written in Perl for years, Mediawiki, Drupal and whatnot. Seems as I've found the perfect system at last. Thanks for creating it, Joey.

I have a clone of the ikiwiki repository at https://github.com/sunny256/ikiwiki where patches go.