Why call it ikiwiki? Well, partly because I'm sure some people will find this a pretty Iky Wiki, since it's so different from other Wikis. Partly because "ikiwiki" is a nice palindrome. Partly because its design turns the usual design for a Wiki inside-out and backwards.

(BTW, I'm told that "iki" is Finnish for "forever" so ikiwiki is "forever wiki". It's also nice to note that ikiwiki contains a kiwi.)

Oh, maybe you wanted to know why you'd want to choose ikiwiki instead of all the other wikis out there? Unless your personal strangeness significantly aligns with Joey's, so that keeping everything in subversion, compiling websites to static html, and like design features appeal to you, you probably won't.

Hmm, the above paragraph is less true today than it was when I wrote it.